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Contributed by- Itty

The reading featured has been verified. Some personal information has been omitted.  All readings highlighted were conducted by a Spirit Space Student .

Happy and Healthy Again

What started out as general conversation amongst friends, turned out to be quite a treat for Doris.  She had been telling Hanna about her husband always being on her mind and the many visits she has had from him.  That is understandable since they had been married for 45 wonderful years.  She had been trying to hear him anyway she could. 
As luck (?) would have it, Les and Kybear joined them in Spirit Space. 
The morning coffee club as Kybear called it.

Apparently, Doris's husband and father, being very eager to make contact, started sending out their images to them.  At first Hanna received images of a man in a bright purple plaid shirt. Doris confirmed that yes it was her husband, he loved plaid and the brighter the better for him.  Then Doris's father was showing Hanna that he was flexing, like a body builder and he was quite hearty again.  Her father went as far as doing the "soft shoe" for Hanna to show just how good he felt.  Doris was very relieved, as her father had only died a short time before and at the time of his passing, had only weighed 100 lbs. and had trouble walking very far.

Kybear got the impression that there was a birthday of anniversary coming, or had just passed, because her husband kept blowing kisses and handing her white roses.  He was showing Doris that he had not forgotten that her birthday would be in November and he would be with her on that day.  Doris's husband, showing his great sense of humor, went as far as to show Kybear a mirror, tweezers, a pair of scissors, and that he was pulling out nose-hairs. Even though Kybear thought he was playing a joke on her, she relayed this image to Doris.  Doris burst out laughing and confirmed, " that's my husband, I always told him to pull them out, that is him 100% sure".

Les was also communicating with Doris's husband.  Les asked Doris if she had changed her hair lately because he was saying "it was very nice and he loved it".  Doris said, "yes, she had it cut and styled differently".  Her husband loved short hair. Then Doris's father started showing images of a vegetable garden with lots of tomatoes.  Kybear also started to see a garden with flowers mixed in with the vegetables and a work area with lots of tools and coffee cans full of nuts and bolts.  Doris confirmed all of this saying that her father loved to garden and grow flowers for her mother.  Her father had a green house and connected to it was his workshop.

Doris was also told that the flashes of light that she sees out the corner of her eye and the tickling sensations she had been feeling on her neck was her husband.  They all got the images of her husband and father being together and very happy.  Doris was so excited by this she couldn't wait to get off the computer and call her kids and her mother with the good news.

This is what Kybear had to say about the experience.  "I kept getting one of the men pulling out nose hairs and thinking spirit was teasing me.  I was seeing an oversized mirror and oversized tweezers and scissors and was still thinking this was my own mind or this spirit was playing with me.  (I now know it was spirit's way of making sure I got that image firm in my minds eye to get this image across to Doris).   I also remember the amount of love that was wanting to get across to Doris and the feeling that they were ok, just in a different place. 

Les remembers being shown things, flashes of things that would really give her validation that it was really them.  She really needed to have some serious validation so she would know that it was the real thing.  The spirits were so warm and friendly, just as Doris was.

Hanna says she remembers the obvious delight of both of the men at being recognized, and their great love for Doris.  They both wanted Doris to know they were just fine now, healthy and watching over the family.

If you have a reading you would like to contribute, I would be pleased to hear from you.  Send your request to Itty.

Contributed by-  BlueLight


After our recent discussion on the possibilities linked with the coming year 2000 I thought you might like to look up some web-sites connected to the problems being discussed. Year 2000 Advice Page offers links to organizations you never knew existed; even some you knew but didn't know were interested in the year 2000!   For instance, at your fingertips you can discover what the National Health Service is saying.  There are documents or you can download all sorts of 'Planning' tools or learn how the NHS was started and their definition of a "major incident".   You can learn how to check out your own computer in preparation and even get a peek at how the British are handling all this!  You can join in and worry along with J. R. Stockton and his prediction s.  If the clocks will set back/go forward etc. things you might not have thought of.  If ever! Talk 2000 - Welcome offers the chance for discussion of various aspects and myths and how to access the latest version of their newsgroup.  Everything you ever hoped to know about Y2K is available for you at that among other things offers preparations if you own a business.

If you're interested in getting to the bottom of it all try this one PLATINUM technology- Year 2000 Solutions.  And heck, if your eyeballs are still holding up last but not least check out each and everyone of these: Other Interesting Year 2000 Web Sites!

How did I arrive at these?   I simply typed into search the words "year 2000".   I'll leave the "more like this" sites and other pages in "More" at the bottom for you to look up if you're interested.  When I typed in "spiritual help with the year 2000" there were statements of a few church's positivity facing the coming years but many fewer resources offered than for the previous search offering technical help.  Or am I just looking in all the wrong places?

As far as assuming that all this print is assurance that 'stuff' is being handled far in advance, I think as you read you'll find wordy writings and energy going into dealing with something they acknowledge knowing little, if anything, about.  Therefore, preparation remains a mystery.  Once a problem does arise of course we all know there is the red tape that must be satisfied to get even one wheel rolling.   So the search here seems to lead one in circles.

Since I feel my web search still leaves us hanging and hungry for ways to deal with the kind of fear I see accompanying the announcement of the forthcoming earth-staggering events, I would like to invite you to do a search for yourselves.  Not of the web sites but of your own inner selves. You can discover pretty much how you will handle anything in the future by taking an honest look into the ways you react to situations that present themselves to you now.  If you like, you might want to answer these questions that came to me.  They might lead to others you can feed into your own search of YOU.   A fascinating trail to take.

  • What people and things frighten you?
  • Who are the authorities of your fears?  For instance is a trusted friend or the evening news determining for you if it is safe to go out after dark alone?
  • Is your happiness intact and do you feel 'free' and safe as long as it is another country facing a hardship not your own?
  • Exactly who and what keeps you safe?
  • Who and what consoles you?

Remember only you can determine whether your answers are ' right' or 'wrong'.  Whether they help you or inhibit you.  Perhaps they will help show you that you are quite prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually for whatever happens or doesn't happen in the future.  You may be able to share what helps you with others when you see the need.  If you aren't altogether pleased with what you find lurking in the shadows you might discover that your determination to change them would uncover for you challenges and joys you didn't know existed.   Now that's something to really look forward to!  And hey on top of that it's fun!

Love to you on your search!    BlueLight.

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