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Message From Diane

A new year has descended upon us. I love the first part of each year, it is a time to think about all the things we wish to accomplish, it is a time to renew and refresh. How many of you made new year's resolutions? Listing our goals and expectations provide us with a blueprint from which to work. Please take time to think about what it is you wish to see this year bring and then put it in writing.

Now is the time to go out and buy a journal to keep a record of your year and your steps along the way to attaining your goals. It can be a simple wirebound notebook or an expensive leather book, the choice is entirely up to you. Use it to record your dreams, the ones you have while sleeping, as they provide meaningful insight into your own inner self. Meditations also belong in here as they too will guide you along the path. This simple tool will aide you in ways that you cannot imagine at this point.

In addition to planning your goals and then journaling the steps along the way it is important to look at the way you think about things.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right." These words from Henry Ford emphasize the power of positive thinking. From Dr Norman Vincent Peale to Deepok Chopra we are being taught that we are a product of what we think. In metaphysics we are reminded that we create the world we live in and nothing is a better starting point than examining the way we think.

You can think your way into wealth, health and happiness or you can think your way into poverty, disease and disappointment. It all depends on you. I have experienced first-hand the products of my own thinking, both positive and negative and can testify to the fact that our thoughts control our lives. Gain control of your thoughts and you have mastered dominion over all things.

It is estimated that we process over 92,000 thoughts through our minds daily. Are you aware of the thoughts that go racing through your mind, striving to manifest? Do you spend your time worrying and blaming or believing that things will work out for the best? How we think determines how we live. Pretty strong statement isn't it? Luckily for me, I don't have to stand alone in this conviction. There are many great minds that have put pen to paper to get this most valuable concept across to everyone.
Here are just a few recommended authors to set you on the path to discovering the power of thoughts and how they affect your life.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity - Catherine Ponder
Real Magic - Dr Wayne Dyer
Manifesting Abundance - Dr Deepok Chopra
Think and Grow - Rich Napolean Hill

As I said, just a few. There are many tapes and books on the market today that will help you examine your own thinking process. A simple way to start to control your thoughts is to wear a simple rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you catch yourself thinking in a way that is detrimental to what you really want to happen in your life. Expect to snap it a lot!

If we but change the way we think we change the world we live in. My wish for all of you this year is to experience joy , prosperity and love .

Ponder This
By- Rev Randy


Rugged individualism ....
Finding oneself ....
The Me generation ....
"I am the master of my fate" ....

We know the theme.
One will only find true meaning in life if one is able to differentiate oneself.

To stand alone.
That becomes the goal.

But, this flies in the face of what so many of us are experiencing. If we are truly standing alone, then why are we discovering communication across the bridge between life and death?

This is just one of the many indicators that point us toward a larger understanding: life is about connections, not about differences.

Let's look at some of those indicators.

In all of the religious philosophies I have studied, there is a notion of the totality and ultimate unity of the creative force or spirit. All that exists, exists within and from that primal source. In other words, nothing exists that is not part of "creation". Nothing stands alone, in this sense. We, as part of that creation, are intrinsically connected to all else that was, is, or ever shall be simply by existing. We cannot separate ourselves from that reality, even if we tried. We are essentially all connected by creation.

There are other undeniable bonds as well.

In our gene pool there flows a connection to generations past, present, and future. As we become increasingly aware, the building blocks of our living show our connection, not simply back to our own trail of ancestors, but also ultimately back to a heritage of some single set of ancestors shared by us all. We are physically all connected by heredity.

For as long as human beings have been communicative, we have been asking questions. From the sentiments in the ancient cave paintings to the queries in the most modern interviews, we have been asking the same questions. "What does it mean to be alive?", "How shall I live?", "What does it mean to die?" We have this shared cultural history of questions. While many other cultural symbols divide us by races, religions, and nations, there is a common culture of inquiry. We are culturally all connected by our questions.

What we have glimpsed through our conversations with Rikkity is that we also have spiritual connections. We, each of us, are the abiding connections, or entities, of many less complex spiritual entities. They, in their turn, are combinations, connections, of even less complex spiritual entities. Our future is framed not in terms of physical death, but in terms of our own potential for connection into more complex spiritual entities. We will not fulfill what we are until we move into that connection. And (here's the kicker) the connection, the growing complexity, the larger spiritual entity of our fulfillment may well contain other entities which appear quite different from us on this spiritual level.

The implications of this are challenging. One will not move into greater complexity by simply connecting with that which appears similar. One will move into greater complexity by finding meaningful, sustained connection with other entities of different, complementary natures. In other words, our whole spiritual future may rest on out ultimate ability to connect with other spiritual beings who now appear to be very different from us. As long as we focus on the differences, we keep ourselves from our own potential. We are spiritually all connected by our futures.

Essentially, physically, culturally, and spiritually, we are all connected.

How will we find the means and modes by which to incorporate this truth into ourselves, into our knowing and our living?

These series of lives are our opportunities to learn and remember just that: to focus on our connections, not our differences.

Dream Weaver

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a Very Happy New Year! It has been a pleasure being part of this Newsletter and I hope next year will be just as wonderful!

Dream from Suz:

I was at home and it was night, but I left and went to church. But it wasn't my physical church although that didn't occur to me in the dream.  My memory of this church is of a cathedral-size building (very unlike my church). I knew the minister was there, but didn't speak with nor see him. There were other people there, but I didn't see or talk to anyone. I just remember that everything was very light, brilliant white in color inside the church. I lay down in a bed and thought "why am I laying down here; I should go home". I got up and went out to the parking lot and my car seemed to be the only one there. When I got out to the car it was Bill's car (which had been sold a short time ago). I started to unlock the door, but there was a small, thin piece of metal in the door lock opening. A couple (man & woman) came up to the car and the man said he had seen some men with a gun-like object that they were using to try to open the door. Then I looked at the door and from the lock all the way forward toward front of car appeared to be bunched up as if It was material rather than metal and the wing-window on that side of the car (driver's side) looked like it had been tampered with and looked like it had a curtain or window cover that was bunched-up , but hadn't given entry to the car. I got into the car and as I drove away from the church I had this thought "When Bill's does pass on this is what & where I could come."

Hi Suz!

You are a very spiritual person and instinctively you know your way to get to Bill. The cathedral is large showing your large spiritualness.  The church was bright with bright white light showing the pureness of your spiritualness. You wanted to sleep there and there was a bed for laid down on it. This tells me that you need to re-energized every so often and I bet when you had this dream you were at a low point and missing Bill very much. More so than you normally have been. The selling of Bill's car I feel brought this on as it is a parting of yet one more thing that was Bills. You feel you had violated his memory in some way. I bet you sold it to a couple too as indicated in your dream.
You are right in feeling that the church is your way to Bill, next time lay down on the bed there and close your eyes to rest I bet you will have a BIG surprise. I am thinking a visit. *smiles* I hope this helps you in some way. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. If you feel I may be wrong I would like to know that too, as I tell everyone I interpret for..."You know your dreams better than I". *smiles*

For anyone out there who is having troubles trying to understand their dream(s), I encourage you to try and find out what they are all about.  Your dreams can tell you things that may change your life or steer you back onto your original course or give you insight into that one thing that has been troubling you for so long. Whatever the reason please feel free to contact me with your dreams. You can reach me via email at: I also co-host a chat room (Rainbow Bridge) with a wonderful medium and you may email me for more information on how to join us and when.

Again, Happy New Year to all of you!  God Bless and Sweet Dreams

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