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Reading Review
By- Itty

The reading featured has been verified. Some personal information has been omitted.  All readings highlighted were conducted by a Spirit Space Student .


After class one Friday night Bobbie asked the remaining group for a favor.  Could they try to contact a friend of ours that only four days prior, quite unexpectedly, passed from this life.  It was particularly hard for me because I had been visiting with him that same day and he looked the best I had ever seen him.

Wind was the first to see him. Wind correctly described him as 5'10", dark hair with a beard and mustache, a very down to earth sort of guy with white-white teeth.  Then an image of an orange and white blanket came to view.  This is pretty typical of the saddle blankets used by the Garrod rental string horses.  Wind later commented "It just seemed to me that he wasn't ready.  That is why we all sent him love, light and hugs to help him through this."

Deni was shown Brian in a barn with a brown horse of medium size.  "I see a man cleaning or doing something with hooves."  This was actually the way I last saw Brian.  He was finishing shoeing a horse.  "I feel it's too soon really for him to talk.  We can say prayers for him to help his transition.  It has been a shock...but...he will be ok...talking to him and sending encouragement helps a lot."  "I gave him a big hug...he is up on his feet.  He turned around...and QUITE the handsome man."  Deni commented later, "I was honored to have been able to meet Brian in spirit.  He has a very sweet and wonderful soul.  Thank you for sharing him with me."

Deb's impression of Brian "He looked good because he was happy...very happy and he was whistling...I hear that so clear...and he did not linger, he was gone and he went right over!"  Deb's comments later, "I got a feeling of much love and compassion from this one...he really wanted to let everyone know he was ok...he was not concerned for himself but for those he left here.  He was at peace and went right to the light...he wanted that known."

Brian chose to show Jaye one of my past horses.  Jaye asked, "your horses, are they like Arabian?  I see a beautiful sorrel color Arabian with a wonderful arch in the neck, gorgeous carrying structure.  It's like the hose is walking on her tip toes, bouncing when she walks."  This description of my horse, Lucy, was so perfect I know it was Brian's way of validating.

"He keeps showing me himself in the barn.  Bending over what looks like a wooden horse frame...right knee on the frame...steel piece in hand, some sort of hammer in left hand banging the steel and there's straw on the floor."  This was what I saw that last time I saw Brian.  He was shoeing a horse.
Then Brian showed Jaye the ranch;  "Big barn doors open on his left.  When you step inside the barn, back to paddocks, on left a holding pen of some sort...fields or paddocks seems to stretch for miles."
There is no doubt in my mind that everyone was truly communicating with Brian.  He was clearly showing himself and the Garrod's Ranch to each and everyone.

Jaye later commented; "During this whole reading I was amazed at the detail, clarity.  It was crystal clear just like watching a movie on TV.  I could see the vastness of the property; it reminded me of "Dances with Wolves".

I would like to thank all involved for helping make Brian's transition a little easier.  It did settle a couple of my fears.  God Bless you all.

Scanning the Web
By-  BlueLight


Spirit space's other half is Spiritual Persistence!  All of us at Spirit Space are familiar with two beautiful people who host the Sunday evening meetings in The Spiritual Persistence Pondering Series. But for those visiting I would like to tell you about them and their connection with our site.  We know them best as Elissa and RevRandy and their daughter, Ericka who is, in spirit, named Rikkity.  Since Ericka's death she has been channeling insights through Elissa, which are written down in the "Points To Ponder". These points are the heart of our lively discussions in the chat room on Sundays.

Whether you are reading something at the SP site or attending a Sunday night session this is the place you'll probably discover yourself saying, "I thought I was the only one who thought this!"  The next surprise is finding many people gathered here who have had similar experiences that defy earth explanations and find these combined sites (Spirit Space and Spiritual Persistence) a friendly place to learn and grow.  For many of us finding these two sites joined together has been the first oasis on the road of a very long search accompanied by the belief that there is more to our existence on this planet than providing for our physical necessities and recreation.  Interestingly also that most have in common the death of one or more loved one and/or a near death experience.  Both of which can dramatically change the focus of life in a direction for which there may have been no prior training or experience shared by others to remember.

I would like to interject a few of my own ideas on the "no prior  training or experiences shared by others to remember" as it might relate to some who have come to this junction in our lives.  Many families for generations have taken it on as tradition not to speak of things connected with politics or religion.  So they might live together more peacefully and here I feel is largely the reason for much information that was not shared and which ultimately led to widespread misinformation.  People became isolated in their inability to share things of a personal nature, often to the point that admitting feelings of any love for others was an almost shameful thing; in an environment such as this emotions can become twisted.  Likewise dreams, visions, and communication to or from the deceased were considered to be overseen by religion, hence taboo and kept silent.  In whatever time frame when generations quit communicating there is a loss of information.  To further complicate communications the world of science entered the picture, requiring proof in the physical or nothing was considered to even exist.  So cut off from understanding things 'out-of-the-ordinary' many began to label them 'of the devil'.  This required an abandonment of any belief in them along with a burial deep in the psyche if one was to save himself from the pitfall of hell. In our present environment common advise is to seek 'professional knowledge' concerning these experiences only to discover  those  trained by many years of study attribute them not only to the mind but to one gone awry!  This kind of 'knowledge' pervades casual conversation, common reading material, TV, not just the professional counselor.  To speak of one's experience in the spirit to a family member or close friend can in many cases invite instant rejection.  So the system formerly set up to protect itself from argument is now so disintegrated and bereft of consolation that it rejects spirit altogether except perhaps for the trip to a worship site to acknowledge the One spirit who is politically correct to speak of.  It is this clamp or vice that holds the brain senseless to spirit and its growth.  Alas the protector became its own victim!  And what price was/is paid sacrificing freedom to honor and share the part of self connected with the Infinite!  The soul finally cries out for some acknowledgement of its own life.

Why at this particular  time are some striving to find others who have had similar unusual experiences when before they were content to smother  them and disbelieve just to get along?  Are the visions and dreams happening more often and to more people and if so why?  Many questions arise once this quest begins.  Perhaps our culture's past of resistance is only important to understand for our potential to forgive so that we do not perpetuate it.  The goal after all is to grow; if the past is understood so that it can be forgiven we are open to the growth that we are seeking not only for ourselves but also for our future generations.  And spiritual growth is Rikkity's forte!

Ericka Brindl Bishop for her young years was perceptive and intuitive even while here. She transformed the problems she faced into the desire to help others and so touched the hearts of many before she was killed in an auto accident when she was 20 years old and a student at Yale University.  In reading the brief but impressive biography of her it is easy to get caught up in the grief of losing this dear person with our own loss.  But when the realization hits that growth is the object for us and for our loved ones' temporary departure because of the Love who authored us, we can take up once more our desire to learn.  Her going on to another realm and our inability to see her physically has not diminished her life but increased it, her concern for her own progress and ours is not less but more.  It is through these communications that she calls herself Rikkity.  Her mother, Elissa Bishop Becker, and her stepfather, Rev. Dr. Randolph Becker, have both been receptive to her words from across the veil. It is only through their loving acceptance and knowing belief of these communications that we are able to share with and gain from them also. Their combined backgrounds, interests and education have also aided them in their desire to bring her words to us.

Indeed theirs is a "Love Story" which states that ours is also. If we only open our inner senses to more real ways of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing the wondrous love that is around us and inside us all.

I welcome you to come visit

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