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Proceeds from the sale of The Choice Game™ can help fund your organization's charitable PROLIFE activities.  You can become a qualified partner by filing out the response section of this brochure.

Cost of the game:  $19.95 + $6.95 shipping and handling.  Express service is also available at an additional cost.

Fundraising Details:

Once your organization has qualified as a Choice Game reseller you will be assigned a distributors code.  Anyone interested in purchasing the game for your fund raising activities will call:


and give your distributor code.  All of your sales activities will then be tracked and we will send you a commission check once a month based on the number of games sold in each of the following levels.


0 - 99 Games 
100 - 249 Games 
250+ Games 

Commission $:


God Bless you and your work to help teach today's youth about His prolife message

Several Sources Foundation reserves the right to have this product distributed by ONLY authorized organizations.

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To contact us:

Phone: 201-818-9033
Fax: 201-818-9031