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Abortion...Absolutely Not - A Prolife Website Devoted to Educating Youth on Abortion and Prolife Issues, Helping Pregnant Women and Saving as Many Babies from Abortion as We Possibly Can!

Chastity..... Abstinence .... and Dating! Chastity and Abstinence when dating are not the same! Chastity is very important to dating in this modern age! Abstinence simply means saying "no" to sex when dating! Chastity means asking God to help you make the right decisions when dating! Chastity means more the just Abstinence! Chastity means asking God to guide your thoughts, your words and your actions on every date you have. One Date may be Too Late!!

Help The Poor - The Concept of Several Sources is to spread the word of God through living the Gospel passage quoted above in Matthew 25:40, "What you do unto the least of my brothers, you do unto Me." We help the poor, the ill, the lonely and concentrate our efforts on the inner city poor children of Newark and their families.

Golf Dreams GolfDreams is truly a unique website. We hope it will help to make many dreams come true. Dreams of playing better golf through tips of how to lower your scores and dreams of how to combine golf with charity for needy inner city children.