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Your number one source for information on abortion & other bioethical issues (such as euthanasia, assisted-suicide, birth control, divorce, homosexuality, etc.) facing the church today. 

Life Advocate magazine . . .
     the first
         to bring you news of the abortion-breast cancer link (Feb. '97).
         to expose the D & X -- "partial birth" abortion technique (Feb. '93).
         to detail "contraceptive"abortion by Christians as the root cause of surgical abortion in America (Mar.'91.)
         to target Kevorkian and uncover specific evidence against him (Apr. '93).
         to organize and report on rescues in a former Iron Curtain country (Feb. '92).
         to allow open debate on the morality of using force to save unborn lives (Apr. '93. . .).
         to feature in-depth articles on Christian complicity in protecting the practice of abortion (Sept. '89), abortions sordid history (Feb. '96), the fate of the unsaved (Dec. '95), how traditional medicine is exploited in order to justify murder (Apr. '96)
         and much more . . .  the first  to offer biting and insightful commentary on every aspect of Christian activism and inactivism in a culture of death..

Paul deParrie is the servant of one God, husband of one wife, father of six children, and grandfather (as of April 1998) of six grandchildren.

He has been the editor-in-chief of Life Advocate magazine since 1990 and is a regular news, feature, and commentary writer for the magazine. He also has seven published books.

He was the organizer of Advocates for life Ministries' 1995-96 SHAME Campaign where activists picketed abortionists' houses and leafleted their neighborhoods.

His work includes ground-breaking pro se litigation for pro-life and pro-family freedom of speech cases. These include a 1998 victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals where the appellate court overturned a "stalking" order obtained by abortionist Jude Hanzo after he organized and conducted two SHAME Campaign pickets outside Hanzo's house.

Paul deParrie
Editor in Chief

His work includes ground-breaking pro se litigation for pro-life and pro-family freedom of speech cases. These include a 1998 victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals where the appellate court overturned a "stalking" order obtained by abortionist Jude Hanzo after he organized and conducted two SHAME Campaign pickets outside Hanzo's house.

He has been widely interviewed and quoted in the media, including McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, New York
Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time, Playboy, and other publications. He has had editorial-length commentaries appear more than half a dozen times in The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon.

Named one of the top 15 Enemies of Choice by Ms. Magazine in 1995.
The first Oregon pro-life activist to be declared a "stalker" by the courts under Oregon law in 1995.
The first Oregon pro-life activist to be undeclared a "stalker" by the Oregon Appeals Court in 1998.
Recipient of the prestigious Oregon Citizen's Alliance Jason Lee Award in 1997.
Banned as the invited speaker to the Pro-Life Wisconsin Banquet in 1994..
Jailed for rescue activities in Wichita, Kansas in 1991.
Jailed in 1991 for Contempt of Court in Oregon for rescue activities.
Declared liable to Lovejoy abortuary in 1991 by an Oregon court for $370,859.80 because of rescue activities.
Volunteer Coordinator for Friendship Unlimited Inner City Ministries from 1980 to 1986.
Director of Multnomah County Citizens Against Pornography from 1980 to 1985.
Pastor of The Church Called Emmanuel in Portland, Oregon from 1977 to 1980.
Published books:
Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books)
Ancient Empires of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books)

When we look around at the "new" religions called New Age or Millennial, it is hard to imagine that all the so-called New Age religions have been around since Babylon -- and beyond. This is a fascinating journey back in time to the true birth of the New Age.

Life Advocate editorials:
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             Stilling the cries of grief
             April 1996

             Bombs, babies, and sons of Belial
             June 1995.

Cathy Ramey 
Associate Editor

Cathy Ramey has served as a board member (1988-1992), Associate Director of Advocates for Life Ministries (1989-present), as well as Associate Editor for Life Advocate magazine (1992-present). Before coming to Advocates for Life Ministries she earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Portland in Oregon, worked in the healthcare field in both a hospital and group home setting, managed a medical staffing office, and most recently, 1982-1989, administered a long-term care facility for over seven years.  Cathy began pro-life activism by praying regularly outside of a local abortion facility in 1986.. In 1987 she and a partner targeted high schools as part of a massive educational literature campaign against abortion. In 1988 she began rescuing outside abortion facilities. Between 1990 and 1993 Cathy was involved in lawsuits brought by each of the abortion facilities in her hometown of Portland, Oregon and was incarcerated for refusing to promise not to rescue again at the state's largest abortion facility.

She remained in custody for eight months. Cathy is now one of a dozen pro-lifers around the country targeted along with two pro-life organizations by Planned Parenthood Federation out of New York in a RICO/FACE suit seeking $1.4 billion dollars.

In addition to protesting abortion by picketing, rescuing, and sidewalk counseling, Cathy has provided counseling and personal support to many women seeking help through Advocates For Life Ministries. In 1992 she co-organized the first rescue efforts in a former Iron Curtain country, Poland. She has been instrumental in organizing conferences including two which have dealt with the subject of abortifacient birth control. In addition to her regular editing for the magazine, Cathy has edited a number of published books and is a consistent contributor, writing articles; news, commentary, and special features for Life Advocate magazine. She is the author of one of the most frequently requested brochures on birth control (Understanding "Birth Control"-- What Every Christian Counselor Should Know), and is an amateur photographer who is especially in demand for her ability to photograph babies. A number of her photographs have been featured on the cover of Life Advocate as well as inside.

             Since 1995, Cathy has been engaged in graduate work through Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. She is hoping to finish her masters of divinity degree and go on to a Th.M. or Ph.D. program in theology and pastoral care with an emphasis on bioethical concerns. In addition to her other work, Cathy established and is director of the Christian Center for Bioethics, currently funded through Advocates for Life Ministries. She is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity, a recipient of the Arthur B. Whiting award for Excellence in Biblical Literature, and was a delegate to the 1996 World Congress of Families held in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Andrew Burnett Publisher

Andrew Burnett is a graduate of Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Religious Education in 1976. Two years later he again graduated from the same institution with a master of arts in Biblical Studies.

Compassion for the unborn and women
Since the 1973 Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion, millions of children have died. Much to our nation's shame that toll climbs higher as 4, 500 more babies die each day.
"What are Christians doing to stop this innocent bloodshed?"

Advocates for Life Ministries is born
Late in 1984 he joined with a few other people who were already picketing and side-walk counseling at several local abortion facilities in Portland, Oregon. Early in 1985, along with several other activist from Portland, he founded Advocates for Life Ministries.
During the summer of 1985 Advocate for Life Ministries began publishing a newsletter called "The Advocate" that later became Life Advocate magazine. Over the years there have been many changes and improvements to the publication but the goal continues to been the same --to tell the truth about abortion.
Also, in 1985 Mr. Burnett attended the Pro-life Action Network conference. It was through that association with other pro-life activists from around the United States that he began to get a vision for what could be done to help stop abortion on a national scale.
In the summer of 1986, Mr. Burnett, along with several other local activists organized Advocates for Life Ministries' first rescue mission. A rescue involved Christian going in the spirit of Proverbs 24:11 which says to, "Rescue those being dragged away to slaughter." Rescuers protested abortion and attempted to protect unborn babies by placing themselves between the abortionist and their victims, blocking the doors to an abortion facility for as long as possible. Between 1986 and 1992 Advocates for Life Ministries conducted dozens of rescues in Oregon and participated in many more throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

A national leader
In 1987 Mr. Burnett and a number of other pro-life activists were asked to help form Operation Rescue, a National pro-life activists' group that emphasized the tactic of abortion blockades to stop abortion and raise awareness of the abortion holocaust all across the nation. He was more than willing and served in a leadership role with Operation Rescue for several years, helping to organize and lead many rescues around the country.
Beginning in January of 1993, Andrew Burnett headed up a national "Stop Kevorkian" Project aimed at exposing the "assisted suicide" killing of former pathologist Jack Kevorkian. The project resulted in discovery of a signed document in which Kevorkian admits leaving a carbon dioxide mask in place even after one of his clients requested its removal. The man died of CO2 poisoning only moments later. The discovery of the "Final Action" document spurred national news and protest against the idea of doctor's killing their patients. (Click here to view the "Final Action" document.)
In 1994 Mr. Burnett again joined with a number of other nationally known pro-life activists to form the American Coalition of Life Activists where he served as a Regional Director until the fall of 1997 when the coalition disbanded. During that time, the ACLA organized a number of regional and national activities aimed at exposing abortionists for the killers that they are.
Mr. Burnett continues to be the Executive Director of Advocates for Life Ministries and Publisher of Life Advocate magazine. He has contributed over 50 articles to Life Advocate magazine. He has been interviewed and featured in hundreds of local, national, and international publications and news outlets (i.e., The New York Times, Time magazine, The Washington Post, L.A. Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, National Public Radio and Television, German and Australian TV.).

The consequences of leadership
To thank him for his efforts on behalf of the unborn, Mr. Burnett has been sued by abortionists over a half dozen times. He is currently one of a dozen pro-life leaders around the country who are being sued by the Planned Parenthood. The suit claims that his advocacy for the unborn amounts to racketeering (RICO) and a violation of Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act
Andrew Burnett was owner and operator of a successful Home Improvement company prior to his involvement with pro-life activism. He closed that business when a judge insisted that Christians promise not to rescue at the state's largest abortion facility, or go to jail until the promise was made or a civil suit was brought to trial.. Along with a number of other activists, Mr. Burnett was incarcerated for several months as a result of the judge's decision.
Currently Mr. Burnett focuses most of his activist attention on his own home town, Portland, Oregon, where he resides with his wife and five children. He is a committed Christian and leader in the local church where he and his family attend.