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LifeMatters is a synthesis of our professional experience as counselors and educators and personal life experiences. Our contribution is promoting the point of view that taking charge of one's health and well-being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is a possibility for everyone.

What is readily available with the advent of the internet is a plethora of information but little on how to actually take action and produce results.  And, we know the ability to take effective action is paramount in creating change.

LifeMatters has evolved since its inception, from providing you information to providing online courses, consultations and products which can transform your relationship to health and well-being from observing to participating.
We are personally committed to having lives that are empowered, fulfilled and profoundly related: to ourselves; to our families, communities and organizations. If you are interested in this possibility for yourself stay tuned as we develop our ability to contribute to you. Feel free to subscribe to LifeMatters so we can update you on our additions and you can give us feedback on what you would like to see here .

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Parenting Matters will provide information about ways of parenting that work not just for the short term, but will aid in that long term assist in raising self-reliant, responsible human beings. We promote a democratic style of parenting that is firm, yet fair, as well as mutually respectful.

Parenting is possibly the most creative and challenging opportunity you'll ever have to make a difference in the world. And the only mandatory preparation we get is our own childhood - not good news for many of us!

Today we live in an age where influence and cooperation are replacing domination and control not just in our country, but the world over. In the model of parenting promoted at ParentingMatters, parents and children are seen as equal, not in the sense of " sameness" but that they are equal in terms of "value and worth as human beings". Through discussions and articles we will show how reward and punishment as a disciplinary technique can be replaced by limited choices and "natural and logical consequences. "

We understand that the greatest social need a human being has is to belong and be significant. We view a misbehaving child as discouraged child, one who is seeking to belong, but has made a mistake about how to do that in a useful way.  Our job as parents is to discover the nature of that mistake and to provide positive opportunities for our children to contribute in a useful way.

We've invited many talented authors to contribute to ParentingMatters, some of whom have influenced us both as parents and as counselors and others who we've met along the way in our own professional careers. We intend for this to be an interactive forum and invite you to participate by using the bulletin board to ask questions or to express your ideas. We have several counselors who will be responding to your inquiries from time to time.

Be sure to register at LifeMatters and we will keep you updated as to the arrival of new articles. Check back here often to participate in the ongoing dialogue about raising cooperative, happy, responsible children and enjoying the process along the way!