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Men of Integrity is a daily devotional that uses key Bible verses with testimonials on subjects to help men grow in their faith. Each daily devotional is centered around a weekly theme. The devotional also includes daily personal challenges and applications for personal study or group discussion. Men of Integrity is a great instrument to help men grow closer to God.
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Meet the Editors:

Jeffrey A. Leever
Jeffrey A. Leever is the editor of
The Promise Keeper, the free bimonthly newsletter of Promise Keepers. He is also  responsible for reviewing the content for Men of Integrity prior to publication.

Jeffrey has been a member of the Promise Keepers National Staff in Colorado since 1995 and has worked as a writer and editor on numerous ministry projects. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in writing, and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska system. Jeffrey is also co-author of the book, The DiscipleLife (Howard Publishing, 2000), and currently serves Promise Keepers as Senior Editor for the Publications Department.

Kevin A. Miller
Kevin ( was raised in suburban Philadelphia and,later, western Maryland. He graduated from Wheaton (IL) College and has completed the Stanford Professional Publishing Course.

He is married to Karen, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist for Evangelical Child and Family Agency. The Millers have two children, live in Wheaton and worship

at Church of the Resurrection , where Kevin has served as board chairman and preaches occasionally. He and Karen lead a marriage enrichment ministry for the congregation and co-authored More Than You and Me (1994: Focus on the Family).
Kevin is also author of
Secrets of Staying Power (1988: Leadership/Word), a book about overcoming discouragements in church leadership, and numerous magazine articles for Marriage Partnership, Discipleship Journal, and Christianity Today. He likes to preach, listen to '50s music, and eat doughnuts (though not all at once).


Kevin first worked for the David C. Cook Publishing Company.
In February 1986, Kevin started as associate editor if
Leadership. He has also been managing editor of Christian History (2/90), editor of Christian History (2/92), executive editor of Christian Reader (5/92), and executive director, editorial development (1/96). He is currently vice-president, editorial development.
"A major part of my life vision is to encourage and strengthen church leaders," Kevin says. "If I can be helpful to them, I'm doing what God called me to do".