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One of the most interesting movements--clearly being brought about by God--in the last decades of this century is a movement toward prayer. God is calling His Church to pray! The signs are all around us. Pray! was birthed in the Spring of 1997 to be a voice for that prayer movement.
Pray! is produced by NavPress and The Navigators, it is a cooperative effort of four organizations and networks: America's National Prayer Committee, the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, Mission America, and the National Association of Evangelicals. Members of these groups make up our advisory board, which helps to shape the content of the magazine.

The mission of Pray! is: (1) to challenge and equip believers to pray more diligently and effectively; (2) to encourage believers to step out of their comfort zones in regard to prayer; and (3) to inform believers of the scope of the prayer movement and its organizations.

What People Are Saying

Pray! is a journal whose time has come! It is uniquely positioned to be the primary voice for the wide-scale concern for prayer and revival throughout our land."
--David Bryant, Founder and President, Concerts of Prayer International, Chairman, National Prayer Committee

"I believe that this publication has great potential to make a very significant contribution to the ministry of the Kingdom."

--Dr. Paul Cedar, Director, Mission America

"Today there is an explosion of prayer and intercession around the world. I am thrilled to know that NavPress is going to fuel this flame with the new magazine
Pray!. The need is real and anointed writers are ready. I pray that God will provide the resources needed to see Pray! succeed."
--Eddie Smith, Coordinator, US Prayer Track, AD2000 & Beyond

"I'm convinced this magazine will help spread a vision for prayer and awakening throughout our land in ways not currently being done by any other publication"
--Dick Eastman, President, Every Home for Christ

"I can think of no other topic more relevant in today's world than the topic of prayer. To have a magazine with this focus will bless the body of Christ, and inspire us to reach out to the lost."
--Sandra Clopine, National Prayer Center, The Assemblies of God

Associate Publisher
Peter Mayberry
Jonathan Graf
Associate Editor

Editorial Assistant
Sandie Higley

Art Director
Customer Service PCS
Jon Killingsworth

The Staff:

and those on the Advisory Board
Director, National Prayer Advance, EFCA
Robert Bakke spent 14 years in the pastorate and now promotes and coordinates prayer movements across America, within and beyond the Evangel-ical Free Church. He has given leadership to numerous prayer movements in New Jersey and metropolitan New York since 1987. The National Prayer Accord is a product of his efforts.

Founder & Pres., Together in Ministry Int'l.
Corinthia Boone has long had a vision for unity among believers. Birthed and bathed in prayer, this vision has grown into Together in Ministry, an organization dedicated to reconciliation and cooperation among the diverse segments of the body of Christ. A vibrant communicator and conference speaker, Dr. Boone ministers to a broad spectrum of the Christian community.

Wellington Boone Ministries
Wellington Boone is a popular speaker and teacher who works tirelessly to promote the values of humility and mutual respect in building a spirit of reconciliation between races, classes, and nations. His book
Breaking Through will be published this year.

Intercessors for America
Gary Bergel is the president of Intercessors for America, an organization that seeks to help churches and individuals in praying for revival for America. A former humanities professor, Gary is also a gifted writer and artist.

The Navigator Prayer Ministry
Lee Brase is the director of the Navigator Prayer Ministry, a member of America's National Prayer Committee, and a facilitating team member for Pastors Prayer Summits. On staff with The Navigators since 1961, he spends much of his time helping NavStaff, pastors, laymen, and missionaries grow in prayer.

Founder & Pres., Concerts of Prayer Int'l.
David Bryant, founder and president of Concerts of Prayer International, works with movements of united prayer worldwide. An internationally known author, trainer, and speaker, he also serves as chairman of America's National Prayer Committee. His most recent book is
The Hope at Hand: National and World Revival for the Twenty-First Century.

Pastor, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle
Roderick Caesar, bishop over the Bethel Gospel Tabernacle Fellowship Int'l., pastors Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, shepherding 1,500 members and overseeing three branch churches. He also serves on the board of directors of the Bethel Gospel Tabernacle Federal Credit Union, Bethel Bible Institute, and Logos Bible College and Graduate School.

President, Evelyn Christenson Ministries
Evelyn Christenson, co-chair of the AD2000 North America Women's Track and founder and board chair of United Prayer Ministry, has a worldwide speaking and radio ministry. Her books include What Happens When Women Pray and an outreach manual entitled A Study Guide For Evangelism Praying.

Coordinator, National Prayer Center Assemblies of God
An ordained Assemblies of God minister, Sandra Clopine coordinates the Assemblies of God National Prayer Center and assists with other denominational prayer emphases. She previously served as editor of
Women's Touch and chairperson of the Women's Commission of the NAE.

Int'l. President, Every Home for Christ
Dick Eastman is the international president of Every Home for Christ, a ministry working to place the gospel message in every home in the world. He also serves as president of America's National Prayer Committee, has authored books on prayer and devotional growth, and has a global teaching ministry.

Founder & President, WayMakers
As the president of WayMakers, Steve Hawthorne is dedicated to building local movements of united prayer. His publishing experience includes serving as an editor of World Christian Magazine, co-authoring Prayerwalking: Praying On-Site with Insight with Graham Kendrick, and co-editing Perspectives on the World Christian Movement with Dr. Ralph Winter.

National Association of Evangelicals
As vice president of NAE, David Melvin works with 47 member denominations and 245 member parachurch ministries. Over 27 million people benefit through the cooperative ministry of these member ministries.

Coordinator, US Prayer Track of AD2000
As coordinator of the U.S. Prayer Track, Eddie Smith puts great emphasis on bringing together prayer ministries. He and his wife Alice have traveled the globe, teaching on prayer. Besides having authored several books on prayer, the couple also publishes the Watchmen National Prayer Alert newsletter.

Change Your Life, Inc.
Becky Tirabassi is a nationally known author and motivational speaker, frequently appearing on national television and radio talk shows. Much of the message she presents surrounds the topic that prayer can change your life. Among the books she has authored are Let Prayer Change Your Life, the Let Prayer Change Your Life Workbook, Wild Things Happen When I Pray and My Partner Prayer Notebook.

Minister of Evangelism Resources Christian Reformed Church
Alvin Vander Griend's role in denominational prayer ministries has involved him in several nationwide prayer organizations, including the AD2000 Prayer Track, America's National Prayer Committee, and the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network. He has been instrumental in the development of prayer strategies through books and video training courses.

Prof. of Church Growth, Fuller Seminary,
Founder, Global Harvest Ministries
Recognized as an expert in church growth, C. Peter Wagner has focused on intercessory prayer as a means of spreading the gospel, authoring several books on the topic. Dr. Wagner serves as coordinator of the United Prayer Track of the AD2000 Movement and is involved in the formation of the World Prayer Center.