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TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN is a practical, relational magazine designed for contemporary Christian women of all ages, single, single again, or married, who seek to live out biblical values in their home, workplace, and community. With honesty and warmth, TCW provides depth, balance, and biblical perspective to the crucial issues that confront women today:  family/parenting, friendship, health, hot issues, marriage, self life, single life, spiritual life, and work.

The TCW reader desires to apply the truths of Scripture to everyday life. She represents a broad range in terms of biblical knowledge, church involvement, and education. Almost 77 percent are married; 33 percent are single, widowed, divorced, or separated; 75 percent are employed (54 percent full-time), and 57 percent have children living at home.


TCW does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please query first (see below). TCW will report on queries and manuscripts in 4-6 weeks. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) of correct size, if you wish your manuscript returned.  All submissions are received on speculation.  An accepted query does not guarantee purchase of the manuscript. Editors reserve the right to reject any manuscript at any stage.  Payment on acceptance of completed articles, 20 cents per printed word, first rights. TCW does not accept simultaneous submissions.  TCW does not issue kill fees.

Query letters should include:

                         1.A summary describing the article idea
                         2.The purpose of the piece and its value to readers
                         3.The author's qualifications to write the piece
                         4.Suggested length and date it could be finished
                         5.A self-addressed stamped envelope for reply

Address query letters to Camerin Courtney, Associate Editor. No query should be sent without a thorough knowledge of TCW's audience. We advise writers to read at least six issues of TCW before submitting a query letter. Please send queries and other editorial correspondence to the address below. Include your mailing address and daytime phone number.

                        TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN
                        465 Gundersen Drive
                        Carol Stream, IL 60188.
                        Phone: 630-260-6200
         Fax: 630-260-0114
                    For a sample copy, writers' guidelines, or subscription information, write:

                        TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN
                        P.O. Box 37060
                        Boone, IA 50037-0060.
Please include a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope for writers' guidelines. For a sample copy, please send $5.00.

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced. In addition to the author's address, the first page should include his/her phone number, social security number, and the word length. Also include a SASE for possible return of the manuscript.

TCW articles should be personal in tone and full of real-life anecdotes as well as quotes/advice from noted Christian professionals, where needed.  Articles should be practical and have a distinct evangelical Christian perspective throughout.

We look for articles that help Christian women grow in their relationship to God by providing practical, biblical perspectives on family/parenting, friendship, health, hot issues, marriage, self life, single life, spiritual life, and work. We also are interested in practical spiritual living articles. Length is 1,500-1,800 words.

Humor--light, first-person pieces that include some spiritual distinctive.  Typically, our humor articles exaggerate a real-life occurance instead of focusing on a hypothetical situation and give a fresh twist to topics the majority of women can relate to. Length is 1,000-1,500 words.

Issues--first-person, true-life stories that give a personal perspective on a current hot topic (such as battling the sex industry, racism, or drug or alcohol addiction, etc.). The articles should be warm in tone, full of real-life anecdotes, and include a spiritual distinctive. Length is 1,500-1,800 words.

We do not accept poetry, fiction, or book reviews.

Freelance submissions are accepted for the following:

Faith @ Work--a recent, true story of how you've shared your faith with someone on the job. We pay $25 for published items. Length is 100-200 words.  Please include a quality photo of yourself. We regret that submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

My Story--a first-person, true-life story that is dramatic in nature and shows how you, through a particular incident or event in your life, solved a problem, or overcame a difficult situation. (Could be written as an as-told-to.) Length is 1,500-1,800 words. Payment is $300 upon publication.

Small Talk--a potpourri of true humorous or inspirational anecdotes about children. We pay $25 for published items. Length is 50-100 words.  Please include a quality photo. We regret that submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

Your Passion--a first-person blurb describing something you love (a hobby, an unusual job, a special relationship, etc.) and why. Length is 100 words. Please include a quality photo of yourself doing what you love. We regret that submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

Your Solutions--a question seeking your advice to a topic presented in a previous issue. Length is 100 words. Please include a quality photo of yourself. We regret that submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

We, the staff of TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN, count it a privilege to be part of your life. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you briefly to the people who have come together to make TCW what it is: a magazine that helps women learn more about themselves and grow in their relationship with God and others. Please feel free to send your comments to

About the Staff:

HAROLD SMITH, Vice-President, Editorial
As vice-president, editorial, Harold provides leadership to TCW, along with two other CTi magazines--Campus Life and Leadership.

Ramona generates the editorial vision, manages staff, plans issues, interviews cover personalities, and writes the introductory column in each issue.

JANE STRUCK, Senior Editor
Jane acquires/edits articles and several regular features. She also interviews cover subjects and assists Ramona with issue planning and layout.

CAMERIN COURTNEY, Associate Editor
Camerin writes articles and reviews, interviews cover subjects, and edits/compiles/writes several regular features. She also works with TCW online and focus groups.

GINGER McFARLAND, Assistant Editor
Ginger writes articles and reviews, interviews cover subjects, and edits/compiles several regular features.

BARBARA CALVERT, Editorial Coordinator
Barb tracks budgets, obtains permissions, and coordinates secretarial services for TCW.

JANINE PETRY, Administrative Assistant
Janine supports TCW staff with a variety of editorial and secretarial services.