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Britain: P.O.Box LB1475, EGHAM W1A 9LB, UK     
New Zealand: CWM, P.O.Box 1534, Hamilton

VANGUARD is a publication which aims both to furnish God's people with sound bible teaching and to warn against false teachings and those who propagate them. The desire of the publishers and the editorial staff is solely to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His church, by allowing as many people to access the teachings of those who diligently search the scriptures, the like of which have contributed to this issue. Therefore Vanguard is free of charge, and will be sent to whoever wants to receive it.  Your financial help is appreciated and needed. Please email us to go on the mailing list and receive your free copies of Vanguard.

We hope you will find the resources available on this site useful. We update them as each new Vanguard magazine is produced.


Neil Richardson is a student teacher.  He recently graduated with a first class honours degree in English from University College London, and is currently following a PGCE.

Aeron Morgan is from Wales where he pastored a few Assemblies of God churches. He went to Australia in 1971, where he pastored for three years in Toowoomba, Queensland. He returned to the UK in 1981 and pastored various churches. He was appointed the first General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland, which ministry he fulfilled until his return to Australia in 1989. He has served as Principal of the Australian Assemblies of God National Ministry Training College (Commonwealth Bible College). Aeron is currently pastoring the Nambour Fellowship, Queensland. He has been married for 43 years and has three children, of which the youngest son is a pastor in Tasmania.

Tony Pearce is the Director of the Messaianic Testimony, an international ministry amongst Jewish people. Tony is also the editor of Light for the Last Days, a quarterly magazine looking at current events in the light of Bible prophecy. He also runs Bridge Lane Chapel, an independent Evangelical Church in Golders Green, London.

For more information please write to:
                                              Tony Pearce,
                                           Light for the Last Days,
                                             BOX BM - 4226,
                                           LONDON WC1N 3XX