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We, the new staff of Virtue, are delighted to be a part of your life. Here's a glimpse at the people who are involved in creating each issue. Please feel free to send your comments to


Harold Smith
As vice-president of editorial, Harold provides leadership to
Virtue, along with three other CTi magazines--Campus Life, Christian Computing Today, and Today's Christian Woman.

Nancie Carmichael
As editor-at-large of
Virtue, Nancie writes a well-loved column in every issue called "The Deeper Life." She also contributes articles and meets with the staff for brainstorm retreats. Nancie resides in Oregon and is an author, speaker, wife, and mother of four.

Ramona Cramer Tucker

As executive editor of
Virtue, Ramona oversees the overall editorial vision of Virtue and has an active role in planning issues, acquiring and editing articles, and brainstorming ideas. She also serves as editor of Virtue's sister publication, Today's Christian Woman.

Linda Piepenbrink

As editor of
Virtue, Linda maintains the editorial vision, plans issues, interviews cover personalities, acquires and edits articles, coordinates with design and creative services to make production of each issue run smoothly, and writes the introductory column in each issue. Virtue was the first Christian women's magazine Linda ever subscribed to, so she feels right at home as its editor.

Mary Ann Jeffreys

As assistant editor, Mary Ann writes book and CD reviews, edits columns and articles, and helps the team to accomplish its overall vision.

Barbara Calvert

As editorial coordinator, Barb tracks budgets, obtains permissions, and coordinates secretarial services for
Virtue. She also keeps the staff up to date with the latest news and photos of her three married "children" and two grandchildren.

Janine Petry

As administrative assistant, Janine supports
Virtue staff with a variety of secretarial services, including maintaining online services. She and her husband, Steve, are students at Wheaton College Graduate School.