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This page contains links to all the media information we have gathered to date.
Updated 10/16/99

Computer Games Online

CNET Advertising
CNET is the worldwide leader in technology news and information on the Web, and the CNET network of Web sites reaches the most active purchasers online. CNET offers advertisers access to this highly desirable audience through innovative advertising opportunities.

Both of these are part of :
CyberActive Media Group, Inc., 64 Danbury Road, Suite 500, Wilton, CT 06897

The Game Cabinet
The Game Cabinet is a monthly games magazine distributed exclusively on the World Wide Web. The magazine primarily covers family, beer and pretzel, and strategy games with an occasional nod to war games, miniatures, and role-playing games. Readers are encouraged to look elsewhere for information about computer games.

Happy Puppy  and
Popular games site has Windows, Mac and DOS demos and shareware, news and reviews, cheats, hints and FAQs.

Macromedia ShockRave Advertising
Macromedia's ShockRave site contains a collection of interactive Shockwave games, cartoons and music.

PC World Technology Network  (PC World Magazine & PC World Online)
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you will measure successful results when you reach a qualified audience that returns to your site for topical, compelling information. PC World Technology Network offers targeted, brand-intensive and direct-response advertising sponsorships to help you meet your marketing goals.