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This page contains links to all the media information we have gathered to date.
Updated 10/16/99

AOL Site Advertising Specifications

Entertainment Weekly (Online)
Published by Entertainment Weekly Inc. owned by Time, Inc. , 1675 Broadway, NY, NY 10019

Executive Editor: Michael Small
Editor: Mark Bautz
Senior Producer: Heather White
Production Developer: Barclay A. Dunn

Production Developer: Chris Sizemore
Staff Writer (New York): Josh Wolk
Associate Producer: Stella Anastasia
Editorial Coordinator: Gary Eng Walk
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NY Times (On the web)

NY Times (On the web) -  The Learning Network

The New Jersey Community (on line)

The Parent Paper

The Record (online)
The long, winding path that eventually led to began in a brick building at 200 Hackensack Avenue. George Gonzalez, coordinator of information technologies at The Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology (AAST), Bergen County's public magnet high school for science and math, realized the need for an on-line magazine for Bergen County teens. He also understood that such an endeavor would only be successful if the magazine was written by teens for teens.

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Wall Street Journal (Classroom Edition)

Yahoo! Site Advertising Information