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This page contains links to all the media information we have gathered to date.
Updated 10/16/99


Welcome to GOSPELCOM-DIRECT, the Gospel Communications Network's online shopping mall. You'll find over 100,000 items in this unique mall of more than 20 special Christian "stores."
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BOOKS AND CULTURE  (view recap)

Can you remember the last time you participated in a conversation about current thought trends shaping our world, sparked by an article in a contemporary publication with a Christian perspective? Well, the time is now. The publication is Books & Culture.


Campus Life gives you advice and encouragement on issues like love, sex, self-image, popularity and loneliness. Read dramatic stories about teens who were radically changed by God plus in-depth profiles about your favorites in Christian music

Catholic Marketing Network  (Website)

The purpose of the Catholic Marketing Network is to encourage the most effective production and distribution of Catholic literature, music, gifts, and other products and services consistent with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
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Christian (Website)

Our company has been advertising, promoting, & marketing Christian sites since January 1996. We have served over 10 million ads for businesses, ministries, & organizations from U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Israel & Sweden. We specialize in customized Christian advertising solutions at affordable rates.

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Christian Bookstore Distributors, Inc. (Website) (view recap)

As the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), we're the world's largest distributor of Christian resources. For over 20 years we've been offering exceptional products at rock-bottom prices and with unbeatable service. Take some time and browse through our huge selection of book, music, video and gift items.

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Christian Parenting Today offers the encouragement and support that parents need. Get biblical advice you can trust for your kids' rapidly changing needs. Plus, suggestions for activities to celebrate and strengthen family relationships

Christian Reader (view recap)

Explore a whole world of Christian reading.

Christian Women Today (Online Magazine)
This leading Christian women's web magazine offers daily devotionals, info on prayer, Bible study, evangelism, discipleship, careers, cooking, relationships, fitness & health.

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Christianity Online Magazine (view recap)

Cyberspace is filled with valuable resources to improve your daily walk, but it's easy to get lost! Now Christianity Online Magazine can help you navigate the Internet and connect with other Christians who are going online for fellowship, Bible study, resources, ministry opportunities, and so much more.

Christianity Today Magazine (view recap)

For over 40 years, Christianity Today has been the definitive news voice for evangelical Christians around the world. Every issue offers timely subjects and in-depth exploration of ideas and news items covering the wide spectrum of challenges facing Christians today.

Cybergrace Christian Network 
Affordable advertising of christian products

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FAMILY PC (Online Magazine) (view recap)

Testing and reviews of Family Oriented software and games.

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Leadership Journal (view recap)

Leadership offers the help you need to enrich, expand, and strengthen your ministry. Renew your energy for ministry with Leadership's credible solutions, innovative ideas, and compelling challenges

Life Advocate Magazine (view recap)

Your number one source for information on abortion & other bioethical issues (such as euthanasia, assisted-suicide, birth control, divorce, homosexuality, etc.) facing the church today.

Life Matters  (Online Magazine) (view recap)

LifeMatters is a synthesis of our professional experience as counselors and educators and personal life experiences. Our contribution is promoting the point of view that taking charge of one's health and well-being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is a possibility for everyone.

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Lifestyle Magazine (view recap)

How do you instill the importance of maintaining a drug free lifestyle in today's peer pressure society? On this Lifestyle Magazine, meet some incredible youth who are keep clean in spite of the Hollywood pressures.

Marriage Partnership Magazine (view recap)

Words--whether they are printed on paper or accessed electronically--can be cold and impersonal. That's why it's helpful to know a little about the people who produce Marriage Partnership magazine.

MEN OF INTEGRITY (view recap)

Men of Integrity is a daily devotional that uses key Bible verses with testimonials on subjects to help men grow in their faith. Each daily devotional is centered around a weekly theme. The devotional also includes daily personal challenges and applications for personal study or group discussion. Men of Integrity is a great instrument to help men grow closer to God.

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
The mission of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is to prevent teen pregnancy by supporting values and stimulating actions that are consistent with a pregnancy-free adolescence.

PRAY! Magazine (view recap)

One of the most interesting movements--clearly being brought about by God--in the last decades of this century is a movement toward prayer. God is calling His Church to pray! The signs are all around us. Pray! was birthed in the Spring of 1997 to be a voice for that prayer movement.

Spirited Woman (Online Magazine) (view recap)

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The Best Christian Links
TBCL is pleased to offer you an opportunity to take advantage of our explosive growth! With thousands of monthly visitors, we can help you get the traffic your site deserves!

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Today's Christian Woman Magazine (view recap)

TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN is a practical, relational magazine designed for contemporary Christian women of all ages, single, single again, or married, who seek to live out biblical values in their home, workplace, and community. With honesty and warmth, TCW provides depth, balance, and biblical perspective to the crucial issues that confront women today:

Vanguard (Online Magazine) (view recap)

VANGUARD is a publication which aims both to furnish God's people with sound bible teaching and to warn against false teachings and those who propagate them. The desire of the publishers and the editorial staff is solely to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His church, by allowing as many people to access the teachings of those who diligently search the scriptures, the like of which have contributed to this issue.

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Virtue (view recap)

We, the new staff of Virtue, are delighted to be a part of your life. Here's a glimpse at the people who are involved in creating each issue. Please feel free to send your comments to


YOU! Magazine and YOU! Online are produced by Veritas Communications, Inc. (VCI), an incredibly cool non-profit, tax-exempt corporation whose mission is to build the moral and spiritual values of young people through innovative projects in mass media, music, and communications.

Youth Ministry Network

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