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Campus Life gives you advice and encouragement on issues like love, sex, self-image, popularity and loneliness. Read dramatic stories about teens who were radically changed by God plus in-depth profiles about your favorites in Christian music.

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Meet the Editors:

Harold Smith
, Executive Editor
The "principal" of the CAMPUS LIFE student body. His one major accomplishment: Graduating from high school.

Christopher Lutes, Editor
None other than "Mad Dog," managing editor of CAMPUS LIFE. You'll find him lurking around our popular music department, and periodically in (that's right, "in") a cartoon or two.

Mark Moring, Senior Associate Editor
Senior associate editor and class clown. You can groan at his terminal "pun dysfunction" in such columns as "CL Sports" and the off-the-wall "Strange World."

Marilyn Roe, Editorial Administrator
In addition to maintaining all editorial and art schedules, she does a super good job keeping order (kinda) within the chaos that is CAMPUS LIFE.

Doug "Buzz" Johnson, Design Director
Mac-meister and design director of CAMPUS LIFE. (And to date, no one -- including Doug himself -- knows where the nickname came from.)

Carla Barnhill, Associate Editor
Associate editor, and world traveler--having spent time in such exotic places as California, Scotland and Minnesota!

Elesha Hodge, Assistant Editor
Elesha dodges in and out of the CL offices, because she also works part-time at Christianity Online. Besides writing for the magazine, she also sends out the Campus Life Cafe newsletter. She once bowled a 224.

Jennifer Ridenour, Assistant Designer
Jennifer loves creating wacky pages on the Mac, but she'd rather be outside enjoying the sunshine. If