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Cyberspace is filled with valuable resources to improve your daily walk, but it's easy to get lost! Now Christianity Online Magazine can help you navigate the Internet and connect with other Christians who are going online for fellowship, Bible study, resources, ministry opportunities, and so much more. Each issue keeps you up-to-date on the best Christian web sites and the latest news and trends.
Christianity Online Magazine will also highlight what's happening on CHRISTIANITY ONLINE. You'll find the latest community activities and resources for just about everybody -- Men, Women, Singles, Teens, Kids, Marriage and Family, Church Leaders, and Seniors.

Meet the Editors

Managing Editor MARK MORING ( likes to play around with computers, though he readily admits he doesn't understand much about how they work. He has a love/hate relationship with e-mail and those card games that come loaded on most PCs -- solitaire and free cell. Mark and his wife, Nina, have two cool young sons, Peter and Paul, and a spiffy Labrador retriever named Ed.

Assistant Editor
MATT DONNELLY ( has an avid interest in all aspects of the Internet. His first computer was an Apple IIe, which his parents still use. A lifelong New Englander, he and his wife, Amy, now live in Wheaton, IL with their fun two-year-old daughter, Kylie.

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