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Several Sources

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of "Priests for Life" was the Senior Editor of the dialogue as spoken by the priest actors in the Catholic Version.  Fr. Pavone stated, "The Choice Game™ enables the young to explore, in the computer environment they know so well, what the Holy Father speaks about so often: the essential link between freedom and truth."

"The Non-Denominational Version of "The Choice Game™" should be the most important addition to any Christian Youth activity. What a blessed way to teach young people the values of a Christian lifestyle over the ways of the world!" commented
Rev. Johnny M. Hunter, National Director L.E.A.R.N., Inc. who chaired the Committee which edited the scripts of the ministers in the Non-Denominational version of "The Choice Game™"

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Mohan Reddy, President of the Princetec Company of Princeton, New Jersey, which donated much of Princetec's services to help design, engineer and implement the software stated, "I am honored to be a small part of this unique enterprise.  I only wish this game could be in the hands of every young person who is dating today.  It would help them to avoid many of the problems that youth face in our modern and complex society."

Patrick a teen actor in the Second Version of "The Choice Game™" played the role of a younger brother to the key character in the game. If the main character attempts suicide, the younger brother visits and comforts his recovering sister in the hospital.  "I have an older sister and when I acted these lines it bothered me to think kids actually have to deal with suicide." According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the second reason for death among teens in the U.S. today. Version Two of "The Choice Game™" is scheduled for released in March 2000.

, one of the teen contributors and testers of "The Choice Game™" commented, "I found this game to be very interesting.  When my friends and I returned to school last fall we would find ourselves listening to conversations in the halls and repeating comments from the game.  I think the main thing it taught me is when to wait and see before making a decision."

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