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Welcome to the preview issue of the Spirit Space Newsletter.  Our newsletter will be posted monthly at this site with the actual first issue being our Halloween Spectacular.

Feel free to download and share Spirit Space with your friends that do not have computers.    However be reminded that the material is copyrighted and cannot be used for republication without the express written permission of the editor.

It is the goal of this newsletter to be a vehicle to explore all the areas of the soul.  There will be articles concerning bereavement in all its different forms, spiritual development, metaphysical terms and alternative subjects.  There will also be regular columns dedicated to dream interpretation, spirit communication, book and music reviews, humor, memorial dates, relevant internet addresses and many other things.

In order to develop in the way that we all wish it will require that you, the reader, give us input as to what you would like to see published and reviews of that which has been published.  This is an interactive newsletter and without you there can be no newsletter so please feel free to tell us exactly what you like and do not like.  We look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions and submissions.

My thanks to all those that have worked so hard to bring this endeavor together.  It is with love and compassion that we excel in our physical realm.

The newsletter will not be emailed out due to its format so bookmark this site and check back around the 15th of each month to read the newest edition. 

With Love and Light,

Diane Wilson

Contributed by -  SAM

Hi Everyone!

Since this is the first time I have ever attempted to write an article I guess I will jump in with both feet. *laughing*

I have always been interested in dreams since I was a teenager. I feel that dreams are the gateway to the answers we need to get by in life. But to receive the answers we must first understand the dream itself. There is many meanings to every facet of a dream.

The one thing I always point out is that YOU know your dreams better than anyone, even me. Never be afraid to tell me or anyone else " no" or "that's not right" or even that the interpretation is "wrong".

I would like to ask all of you that if you have a dream that you would like clarification on or understand of, send them to me at my email: SAM.   I will pick one to interpret and put it in the next newsletter. All dreams of a personal nature I will send my interpretation via email to that person or we can set up a private chat. The rest I will print out and invite to Rainbow Bridge for interpretation.

I also encourage questions. If I can answer them I will. If I can't I will get an answer for you.


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