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Contributed by- Itty

It is my pleasure to be contributing reviews of recent readings by one of our beginner mediums.  I hope to be able to interview both the reader and the person who was read, to show you both sides of the reading.  It should be interesting.

If you have a reading you would like to contribute, I would be pleased to hear from you.   Send your request to Itty .

I am looking forward to sharing some of our readings with all of you.

The reading featured has been verified. Some personal information has been omitted.  All readings highlighted were conducted by a Spirit Space Student .

Contributed by-  Les  (Beginner Medium)

This is so funny and interesting.…This morning I was out looking for  the book The Celestine Prophecy and was talking to the Wal-Mart person who was in charge of the books section. There were no copies on the shelf but she thought maybe there was one in the store room.  It was supposed to have gone back last Friday but for some reason it didn't get shipped out.  She asked me to wait for 10 min while she went to look. So I said "No problem"  and continued looking at the books on display. She came back in 10 min with book in hand, she handed it over to me and asked if it was a popular book and did I think she should order more.  I said "I don't know, I needed to read this for a class I was in". She looked at me and asked where I was going to school...I said on the internet...she said oh well what are you learning about? I started to get nervous about how I would respond....but honesty is the best policy no matter how it is received.  So I told her it was to help me develop my mediumship skills. Oh, she said surprised "Can you tell me who is around me?   I mean is that possible? " she asked. (I thought Oh No not in Wal-Mart!!) So I stopped for a minute and focused on protection and then I started to shake and have the chills...then 2 men came to me...I told her about the 2 men and how they appeared and I felt like maybe they where uncles...she said one was and the other was her she said that the uncle stepped back and the father started to talk to me....he pointed to his stomach and I was shown a stomach with a hole in it like an ulcer, and he said that was my passing.  I told her  this and she started to get teary eyed. then her father told me there was great emotional turmoil in her because of an issue she had to take care of relating to his death, and that she had done well. That he also said he touches her left side of her face all the time and she knows it's him but chalks it up to nerves. This woman grabbed me and hugged me so tight with tears streaming down her face...and said to me Thank You, thank you so much...this happened over 20 years ago and I had been so upset even to this day. I told her to keep talking to him...he hears her and he loves her so much...his little daughter ...and she embraced me again and I left the store. Being in a face to face situation was so wonderful and the energy was so very strong. I could see the painful veil that surrounded this woman lift and it gave me great please to do the Lords work!     Thank You for letting me share!!!         Love & Laughter!

Contributed by-  Bluelight

My column is going to review other web-sites of interest to us so if you have a favorite site, please send it to me with a brief summary of what it offers and what has been helpful to you. I also need suggestions on topics of interest that will help me to know what sites you would enjoy. Also, if you have a question that you don't know where to find info, send it along and I will try to help you in your search. Don't be too concerned if your web-site, topic or question will be of interest to everyone or even to anyone else but you. We're trying to broaden our knowledge and the more we learn from each other the more we'll learn about ourselves. If you want your question to be kept confidential be sure to state this and I will still be more than glad to help you in your search. Please send information to BlueLight.

By- Diane Wilson

What Dreams May Come
by Richard Matheson
By no means a new book,
What Dreams May Come has recently hit the bookstands in paperback heralding the soon to be released movie of  the same name starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Annabellea Sciorra, and Max von Sydow.

What Dreams May Come is one of the most original love stories to be written this century.  It transcends the boundaries of physical life to meet the question of what happens to love when we die.  Richard creates a whole cosmology in the afterlife giving the reader the opportunity to truly experience a whole world, not just glimpses through the "tunnel".

Although this book is a novel, the research and thought that went into it twenty years ago has turned it into a  life- after-death classic that has changed the lives of many that have read it.  The main character dies in a tragic accident only to discover that he in fact did not die at all.  The story of his acceptance of the aspects of death and the tragedy of his seeming separation from his wife and children explores many of the questions we all face.  Even though it is a novel, the body of the book has come from the correlation of many, many books about life after death.  The bibliography itself is a veritable treasure, giving us the list of books to read to discover the answers to many of the same questions we all face.

We all remember another of Richard Matheson's books that was made into a movie,
Somewhere in Time.   Not only is What Dreams May Come an enlightening, entertaining story it truly will expand your own visions of the afterlife.  So grab a box of Kleenex, shutoff the phone and explore its pages for yourself.

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