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All of the following will be held in the Spirit Space Chat area unless otherwise indicated.  Classes are conducted by Diane Wilson.  Email us if you need instructions on how to join us there.  All times below are based on Pacific Time.

Start the New Year off with a bang!

Suits of the Soul class is beginning in January 1999. Sign up now to learn how to tell the past, present and future with a simple deck of playing cards. No matter if you wish to learn this just for yourself or to develop a psychic business, the ancient art of cartomancy will open doors to higher consciousness.

Class is 9 weeks long and includes a workbook that will be mailed to you after registration. Special pricing until December 31st is $65.00 US; after Jan. 1, 1999 the price will be $75.00 US.  Special arrangements can be made for a deposit and payment plan).  For future information please email or

Mediumship Classes

Classes are held in the spirit space chat room in a private locked area.   If you are currently a reader and wish to do readings at spirit space you must pass this class before you will be allowed to read.  Included are rules and basic ethics of doing a reading that is satisfying to the client and the reader.  Other topics include Spirit Guides, Meditation, Energy and more.  Nine sessions.  You must be registered to participate in this fulfilling experience. 

Next Beginners session starts in January, please email Hanna if you wish to get on the reservation list at .  Availability is limited to 20 students.

General Discussions and Readings

Friday Nights  Time: 6:00 PM PT

Come join our lively group discussions.  Conducted in a caring, loving  atmosphere.  All visitors are welcome to watch or participate in our search for the answers that lie within us all.  Come and share your experiences of after-death communications, guides, angels, or bring your questions.  Readings will be conducted on a  first come first serve basis by individuals who have been prescreened and have passed the beginner mediumship class, and will be monitored.

Some Reminders

Spiritual Persistence

You are invited to join RevRandy, Elissa, and Rikkity on Sundays at 9 PM EST in the #SpiritualPersistence chat room on the ADC Chat Server as we continue our journey.  Now that the Seminar Series has been completed, we are meeting to share views and discussions on the various ponderings, with surprise guest speakers showing up frequently, so be sure to join the learning experience.

We hope to see you all there, newcomers as well as our beloved "regulars"!

Be sure to visit our friends Rev Randy, Elissa and Rikkity at their web site and
take a few moments to read some of the "Points to Ponder".  This is sure
to be a site you'll want to bookmark and visit frequently.

Visit the Spirit Space / Spiritual Persistence Message Board

You can find information on upcoming events or read and reply to  some of the  thought provoking postings.  You may also want to post something you would like some feedback on.  Remember we are all here to learn and grow, sharing our experiences or thoughts is a blessing to everyone of us.  Just click on any of the indicators for "Message Board" throughout this newsletter.

Are You New To The Spirit Space Family?

If you have missed any of the past issues of this newsletter, click on any of the "Past Issue" indicators and check them out in the Archive Files.

New Ideas and Subjects Welcome !

Is there a subject you would like to see discussed in future issues of this newsletter?  Do you have an experience, thought, or information that you would like to share with us all? 

Don't be shy.  Please use the "E-mail" indicators throughout the newsletter to contact the Managing Editor - Hanna with your comments or ideas.

Humor of the Month
Contributed by- Sharross

The Story of the Christmas Angel

It was supposed to be a happy time, but it wasn't. Santa was really angry. It was
Christmas Eve and NOTHING was going right. Mrs. Claus had burned all the Christmas Cookies. The Elves were complaining about not getting paid for the overtime they had put in while making toys, and the reindeer had been drinking all afternoon and were dead drunk. They had taken the sleigh out for a spin earlier in the day and crashed it into a tree, breaking off one of the runners.

Santa was beside himself with anger. "I CAN'T believe it! I've got to deliver millions of presents all over the world in just a few hours from now and all my reindeer are drunk, my Elves are on strike and I don't even have a Christmas tree! I sent the Little Angel out HOURS ago to find a tree and he isn't even back yet!  What am I going to do?"

Just then the Little Angel opened the front door and stepped in from the snowy night, dragging a Christmas tree. He says: "Yo, Santa, where do you want me to stick the Christmas Tree this year???"

And thus the tradition of Angels perched atop the Christmas trees came to pass.

After dying this cat walked up to the Pearly Gates where he met St Peter. St Peter says to the cat, "During your time on earth, you were a good little cat. You kept your masters house & barn free of pests, and for this faithful service, you get one wish for anything you would particularly like. The cat thinks for a moment before replying, "Well, my master had this satin pillow that I loved, so I would like a satin pillow just like that one. St Peter replies, "Go on through you'll find it waiting."

A little while later a group of field mice appear at the Pearly Gates. St Peter greets them saying, "During your time on earth you were good little field mice. You kept the other pests from destroying the farmers crop, so as a reward you may have anything you like in heaven." The field mice converse briefly before one steps forward and says, "The farmers children had roller skates, and they looked like a lot of fun, so that's what we'd like." St Peter replies, "Go on through you'll find them waiting."

A while later St Peter was strolling through Heaven when he came across the cat that was sitting on his satin pillow purring contentedly. "So how are you enjoying Heaven?" St Peter inquired. "Oh, it's wonderful," answered the cat, "This pillow is just divine, even better than the one I had in Earth, and the Meals on Wheels, *kisses his paw* Nice Touch

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