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Volume 2   Issue 3

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Message From Diane
BY- Diane Wilson

Spring has sprung and summer seems to be encroaching as we sit here today. Many of us have seen spring and summer on alternating days in the past few weeks. It seems that even the weather is restless, changing at the drop of a hat and never daring to create a stable pattern. What in the world is going on?

I am sure you have noticed a restless stirring within your own self. One day you are happy and content the next day upset for no reason. Dreams are turning into nightmares, sleep eludes you. What in the universe is going on?

As we draw nearer to the great millennium, we will find the energy that connects all things becoming more and more unsettled. Is it any wonder that we feel the way we do on a daily basis when the whole world seems to be in turmoil? Is it any wonder that we do not know what to do from one minute to the next, when even the flowers are blooming out of season?

We must never forget that we are all connected. What happens to one, happens to all. It is with this simple knowledge that we can individually begin to bring a peace to our lives and those around us. Begin to center yourself, turn off the news for a change, and pay attention to the earth and the living creatures that inhabit her.  Spread the joy and not the fear. Help some balance be restored by balancing yourself first. One small ripple can cover the entire world.

Never has there been a time that we need to spend more time in centering ourselves, in quiet meditation and contemplation, in reaching out to friends and family. It is the time to give love and accept love, to give friendship and accept friendship, to extend a hand to a stranger for we never know whom that stranger may be.

Many think that we are hurtling towards the end of civilization, as we know it. Prophets are saying that June will bring a meteor that crashes into the earth and destroys millions of people. If that doesn't get you, one prophet is saying the worst tornado the world has ever seen is about to spawn. If that doesn't get you, then perhaps contrails in the sky are dumping virus on you. And if this isn't enough to make you go screaming into the sunset, we have the promise of world collapse over the Y2K bug!!!

It is my belief that yes, the end of civilization as we know it is about to happen but not quite the way the doomsayers see it. In the past week I have had the pleasure of receiving some information that promises us that come June we will still be here.   That come January 1, 2000 we will still be here and that come December 21, 2112 we will still be here but we will have changed into physical beings with our spirituality showing.

It is a time of transformation, a time to look forward to. Spend your time in laughter not worry, in sunshine not shadow, and you will soon notice that others around you are doing the same.

Have a beautiful summer !!!

BY- RevRandy


The voices come to me over the conversations of the crowded room.
"Spring makes me feel so connected, so in tune with the rebirth around me."
"Spring makes me feel so sad, knowing that all that arises anew will die off come fall."
"Spring makes me feel so depressed when I think how new everything is and how old I feel."
"Spring makes me feel so alive, so much promise filling the world."

Cycles, of life and death, of being and seeming non-being, of light and dark, of cold and warmth, of here and there.

Cycles .... of patterns emerging across the landscape of time .... of moving beyond time to meaning larger than all space. Yet, we human beings seem to get caught in the finite places in the infinite. We see cycles as having beginnings and endings. We see cycles as closed wheels.

But, if we were able to move from our own little frames of reference, to walk among the unknown regions and look back at our existence, those little circles would look more like moving arcs across the path of the infinite.  Wavy lines moving in the being of all being, dancing with eternity.

You can get a sense of this - put a pencil in a bicycle wheel.  Turn the wheel, and what you see is the pencil moving around and around in the same circle.  Fixed.  Start to finish.  But, with that pencil making its mark along some wall, roll the wheel along the floor - the circle is gone, and the great arc begins to appear.  Let some bumps jar the wheel and the arc takes on character.  And even though you can see where the line you began started and ended, the line of that pencil began long before you introduced it to the wheel and will long after you leave the room.

Now picture your life as a pencil in a great wheel rolling through the hallways of space.  Think of the line you make.  Not a closed circle but an arcing dance in the heavens.  Cycles, not closed but widely open.

That for me is Spring, a moving finger of life in a giant cycle that reaches far beyond the beginning of life and the ending of death, far beyond the emotions of our times, inviting me along for the ride of the universe.


BY-  Sam

Dream from Familyldr:

Monday night, I believe the same Monday as the Littleton shootings, I had an interesting dream.  I was attending some kind of Native American gathering and listening to one man speak.  The details are not clear, but the gist of his message was that while we are in spirit, we not only recognize the connection between all, but we feel, live, eat and sleep it.  That sometimes when we are born into the physical, we become disoriented; we loose that connection and loose our purpose.  Some manifest this loss in very poor ways, like murder.  They don't often realize that it is a symptom of the trauma from losing this connection.  They are not bad, just confused and lost.  We must strive to "trigger" the memory of this connection and purpose to re-ignite that spark.  It sounds very idealistic to me now, but in the dream it spoke directly to my own spirit and the truth rang deep in my heart.   His words left me feeling lighter, full of hope, promise, understanding, and love.

There was one more thing I found strange about this dream.  At the end of this man's speaking, I was talking with him and another Native American man.  When I went to shake hands with the 2nd man, I found that all of his fingers were missing.  His wrist bent, and that gave me something to hold on to, but he had no fingers.  Strange, eh?

From Sam:   

Taking the message into consideration I can plainly see why you were introduced to this second man.  Think about his lack of fingers.  How do we connect when introduced to someone?  With our hands and the fingers wrap around our hand to connect us both together.  He did not have any, an imperfection or a profound message?  But the connection with this man was made anyway, just in a different way or a modified way.  I feel you were introduced to this second man for a reason, to get a message out to the world and to use this inspiring dream.  This second man will guide you on this path.  What a very inspiring dream Family!  I hope you have many more like it to share! ;-)

If anyone should need help with their dreams please feel free to email me at  I will always do my best to help you to understand your dreams as I feel we receive many messages to help us with day to day living on our life path and our spiritual path.

As summer is approaching I must add that my own day to day living is getting busier and it may take me some time to reply back, but I will reply as soon as I am able.

May God bless all of you and may you all have sweet dreams.  :)  SAM

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